Hot Cake House

for the love of hotcakes

Since 1963, The Original Hotcake House has been cooking up the best hotcakes in town, in the same location at 1002 SE Powell Blvd.

Nowadays, we're cranking out a lot more food options then we did back in the 60's. Now you can choose from a full list of breakfast options, plus burgers, sandwiches, and even steak dinners.

As a long-time Portland tradition, people visit us from all over the world - and we're happy to say that most of them love us... just as we love them!

Whatever your tastes, stop on by and try us out. We're pretty sure you'll love our 24-hour Brooklyn-style restaurant.


Our Customers Love Us!

"This place has been around forever always friendly people working food is always fresh and hot pancakes are as big as the plate..."

"The portions here are full...size. Going out to an American breakfast was a celebratory experience in my house growing up, and this place did it right. It's American diner fare done right."

Most Popular Items

From years and years of asking our customers, the most sought-after menu items are:

  • Hotcakes (duh)
  • Burgers
  • Chicken Fried Steak
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