It's Time to Dine

Breakfast, lunch, dinner, or midnight (or anytime of day or night) snack... we're here to serve you!
-- Temporary hours are 7am to 11pm during local COVID restrictions --

In order to offer the best and safest dining experience during COVID, we are offering full table-service dining.  A hostess will seat you and take your order (instead of our historical counter-service offering).




Sides & Beverages

Our Customers Love Us!

"...Someone was playing an old jukebox tune and dancing by themselves, late night dancers were getting done with their shifts, drinkers were enjoying their last hours before was great. Felt really inner city Brooklyn and New York diner..."

"This place is probably one of my top three restaurants in the world..."

Most Popular Items

From years and years of asking our customers, the most sought-after menu items are:

  • Hotcakes (duh)
  • Burgers
  • Chicken Fried Steak
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